Chris Sopa ~ Behavior Change Expert

Whether you hear Chris speak as an audience member or journey with her through one on one coaching, you will experience a lasting and permanent change in your thinking and behaviors that will result in less stress, more life balance and a higher sense of self-worth and self-esteem.

Chris’ unique approach, blending the science of the subconscious mind with spirituality, helps individuals achieve the confidence they need to make changes in their daily habits and behaviors in both their personal and work relationships.

Organizations experience higher productivity, a renewed sense of collaboration and teamwork among employees and a more positive corporate culture;  all resulting from each individual taking ownership and accountability for their own behaviors and actions in the workplace.

Chris is an internationally known speaker focusing on behavior change and spiritual transformation with over a decade of experience.  Chris guides individuals and audiences through a self-discovery journey where they find the courage to tap into their hidden potential and make the changes needed to live the life they were born to live.

Chris is a keynote speaker, motivational speaker, inspirational speaker, and behavior change expert.

Contact Chris today by calling (480) 818-2460 or emailing to learn more about speaking opportunities for your event or organization!


Jan 2014 Chris Sopa

January 2014 – Sisterhood of Happiness Event